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Hunch is a NYC-based studio that invents games + tv shows.

Three friends playing Wheel of Odds
A photo of the INCOHEARENT game and its contents
A group of friends playing INCOHEARENT
A photo of the First & Last game and some example cards
Two friends being surprised at a Wheel of Odds dare
Wheel of Odds game and example cards
A family playing the INCOHEARENT Family edition
INCOHEARENT Family game and example cards
A family playing the INCOHEARENT Family edition

Our Story

Our founders, Peter (left) + Javi (right), met in Spain almost 10 years ago and have been BFFs ever since!

Our mission is rooted in a simple belief: that fun is the best way to help people be present! It's why our north star is to create the next great fun factory.

Right now, we do this through card games, and soon we'll also do this through digital games, game shows, + more!

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Our games are enjoyed by millions of people around the world!


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If you can't play IRL, you can find us on your local For You page!


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Our games can be found across national and international retailers.


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Made for any group or setting- with more coming soon!

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